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War Book

Production Crew

Director: Tom Harper

Writer: Jack Thorne

Producer: Lauren Dark (

Executive Producers: Mike Brett, Steve Jamison, Ivana MacKinnon

Line Producer: Sophie Neave

Photography: Zac Nicholson

Editor: Mark Eckersley

Designer: Jacqueline Abrahams

Music: Jack C Arnold

Casting: Julie Harkin

Costume: Matthew Price

1st Assistant Director: Liam Lock

Script Supervisor: Marnie Paxton

Sound Mixer: Paul Schwartz

Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole

Sound Re-recording Mixer: Stuart Hilliker and Forbes Noonan

Colourist: Simone Grattarola

VFX: Bluebolt


Adeel Akhtar

Nicholas Burns

Ben Chaplin

Shaun Evans

Kerry Fox

Phoebe Fox

Sophie Okonedo

Antony Sher

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett


A chilling war game between a group of government officials reaches boiling point and, as their hypothetical global crisis escalates, the fragility of everyday life and those who govern it is brutally exposed.

Short Synopsis

WAR BOOK takes place over three days as nine civil servants gather in a government building to take part in a policy shaping scenario. They are there to take decisions on Britain’s reaction to an international nuclear attack. At first the participants are casual, playing out the scenario against a backdrop of their own petty squabbles and personal ambitions. Only two participants know the truth - that the country is secretly facing a real nuclear threat, and that their theoretical responses may become reality sooner than they can know.

As the scenario escalates and the group begins to address the breakdown of civil order, the reality that they are deciding our futures dawns. When personal politics crash irrevocably into the room, each is forced to look closely at what they really believe, and how much their decisions are actually worth.

Clip Rights Notes

Worldwide Sales: K5 International